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The Colonial Alliance Project is currently recruiting individuals throughout the world, who are wanting to join in on our own nation-building effort and become future citizens of our first city-nation and designated capital, Tollana.  »read more here…

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First Constitutional Right

All citizens are granted the freedom of peaceful liberty, and the freedom to express themselves in any manner they see fit and to exercise full power of dominion and sovereignty over their lives without the interference of the government and/or any other citizen regardless of deference.


The government of the Colonial Alliance shall not abridge nor deny a citizens First Constitutional Right, nor shall the government be allowed to revoke in full or in part a citizens First Constitutional Right without all due process. No citizen of the Colonial Alliance shall interfere or violate another citizens First Constitutional Right at any time.


At no time, can a citizens First Constitutional Right be rescinded or denied through the enactment of law nor by decree of the Colonial Council.