Colonial Satellite System

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The Colonial National Alliance will launch its own satellite system. Each city-nation will have it’s own Command Satellite which sits in geosynchronous orbit above its home city state. These satellites have direct access to their parent cities computer core through the 25,000,000 bi-directional data channels it has access too. An additional 24 satellites (plus an undisclosed number of backups) are positioned around the globe to allow for total data coverage. Any one or several of these satellites can be re-purposed to backup a Master Command Satellite if needed.

Additionally, the Colonial National Alliance will have access to several other satellites. These satellites will have specific sensor payloads to do specific duties. There may also be backup satellites for these satellites., being able to be activated when needed. These satellites may include other types of Communication Satellites, Earth Observation Satellites, Weather Satellites, and Reconnaissance Satellites.