Colonial Terms

Age of Liberty: A citizen has obtained the Age of Liberty when they have reached the age of twelve-years. This is the approximate age when a young citizen enters into a higher institutions of learning. It is at this age; baring a successful motion for otherwise, that a citizen has full citizenship within the Colonial National Alliance. Commodity Credits are now issued to their personal account instead of that of their parent(s) or guardian(s) and they are able to seek their own residency without needing to file for emancipation. Citizen’s who have reached the Age of Liberty may also run and serve on the Colonial Council or any other council or sub-council.

Age of Majority: A citizen has obtained the Age of Majority when they have reached the age of eighteen-years. This is the earliest age in which a citizen may officially become a member of the Administrative Command structure and be granted a rank within it. Prior to a citizen reaching the Age of Majority, it is considered a crime for anyone, other than a parent or guardian, to serve a citizen any form of recreational drug or alcohol.

Archon: Selected by the Counsel; the Archon is the unified single voice of the Colonial Counsel. The Archon oversee’s all Counsel hearings and is the one to officially greet all foreign heads of state.