AC Penitentiary

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When it comes down to housing those who, in the course of doing their duty, purposely violate the ACCJ’s, shall be placed into confinement as prescribed by law and the tribunal. There are three distinct types of confinement for these individuals.

The Brig
The brig is used to house personnel who have been placed under arrest, but who have not have yet been arraigned by the tribunal council and for those who have received punishments, not exceeding 45-days. Inmates who have received such short-term sentences will be required to serve their sentence in isolation.

General Population
Personnel officially convinced on violations of the ACCJ will be housed within the general population of Administrative Command Penitentiary. Unlike the civilian prison living conditions; inmates here living in small 10′ x 15′ cells along with a cellmate. Inmates have access to a shared bathroom, common area, exerciser and activities yards, library and restricted communications channels and they eat their meals in a  communal mess.

Maximum Security
Those personnel who are violent and deemed an ongoing threat to other inmates maybe isolated onto the maximum security level of the Administrative Command Penitentiary.


Enemy Combatants & War Criminals
Housing soldiers of invading forces and persons being brought up on war crimes will be housed in a ultra-secure level of the Administrative Command Penitentiary. Captured enemy combatants are treated with the utmost respect; they are housed in quarters similar to those inmates in the civilian prison until such time as arrangements can be made to return them to their nation of origin. Alleged war criminals are housed in single-birth cells until such time as they are transferred to the Hague or is otherwise tried on their alleged crimes.

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