Colonial Planning Council

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The Colonial Planning Council is the provisional or caretaker government entity created under the Provisional Laws of the Colonial Alliance and is responsible only for planning the colony, and the creation of provisional laws of Tollana Colony and the Colonial Alliance.

The CPC shall be required to fulfill the job functions and duties of the Administrative Command or to assign work to those areas of colonial development that need skilled personnel. The CPC will also be required to conduct the regular business of the Colonial Council; including, drafting and enacting provisional laws and enactments, which will later be approved or rejected by the citizens of the Alliance; and to constructing and publishing the final draft of the Colonial Constitution, also to later be ratified by the citizens of the Alliance.


Members of the Planning Council

Members are not elected citizens of the Alliance; solely because of the fact that there are less than forty permanent citizens of the colony. When the citizenship increases to the point where an election is realistic, elections may be held to replace or reaffirm those non-elected members of the Colonial Planning Council.