Foreign Embassies

This article needs further revising.

Tollana, being the capital city-nation of the Colonial National Alliance, is home to over 200 sovereign nation embassies; not to mention a United Nations branch office and a Colonial National Alliance office for Refugees and Displaced Peoples. All embassies can be found in the mezzanine levels.

Each embassy includes a reception area; an ambassador’s office; a medical facility and births for up to one-hundred individuals. Each embassy has its own secure server core and encrypted communication channel.

No weapons, hazardous substances or restricted technologies are allowed within the confines of the any CNA city, this includes within the bounds of the embassies; Colonial security is responsible for the safety of all people within its walls. No person shall be prevented from seeking refuge within any one embassy.


The rules regarding foreign embassies are the same rules as those written into recognized global treaties on the matter; except where it has been outlined otherwise above.